Talent development
Career path

Top manager

Middle manager

Grass-root manager

Chief technology officer

Senior engineer


Professional supervisor

Professional manager

Senior specialist

Regional marketing manager

Senior marketing manager

Marketing manager

Chief technician

Senior technician




Based on the sustainable development strategy, CSG constantly deepens the scientific and systematic training and development to meet the improvement of personnel quality and ability at different stages of development, so as to realize the purpose of “endowing energy, promoting management, increasing benefits”.

Talent cultivation


Pilot plan

Middle management

Voyage plan

Grass-root management

Sailing plan

Fresh graduates

New blood plan
Team Style
CSG “Dandelion” First Internal Trainer TTT Certification Training
Hebei CSG TWI special training
Qingyuan CSG internal training
Yichang CSG skills competition
Production department skill competition commendation meeting
CSG 2019 New Force Huangpu Military Special Training Camp
Summit experiential training

Remuneration concept

Pay for the job, pay for the ability, pay for the performance

Remuneration structure

Fixed income (base salary + allowance), variable income (variable salary + performance salary + performance bonus), long-term incentive plan (equity incentive, etc.)

Welfare projects

1.Six insurances and housing fund (statutory five insurances + commercial insurance + housing accumulation fund)

2.Paid holidays (statutory holidays, marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, annual leave, etc.)

3.Special benefits

*Provide single apartment (or talent house), commuter bus, free working meals(or food subsidy);

*Provide communication subsidy, traffic subsidy, housing subsidy for work in other places, annual leave toll, anti-sunstroke allowance, holiday subsidy (or holiday gift), birthday benefit, etc.;

*Reimburse the examination fee for employees who have been in the company for one year for obtaining professional qualification certificate;

*Provide regular physical examination, fitness activities (basketball, badminton, etc.) and department team building activities;

*Organize various recreational activities (sports meeting, cooking competition, etc.);

*Transact registered performance residence of eligible employees to the place where the company is located and transfer relevant file.